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December, 2011

Making Lip Balm

Hemp and Honey Lip Balm


Making Lip Balm is easy, and I’m going to tell you how…

A lip balm is basically a salve, which is basically herbal oil with beeswax melted in. With a few drops of essential oil dribbled in. A child could do it, honest.

Since there are loads of various infused herbal oils [calendula, St John’s Wort, meadowsweet, ribwort, all mints, chickweed, mullein, horse chestnut] you have an endless variety of salves to make; especially if you make your own oils – but I can tell you how to do that later.

You need;

1. Herbal oil

2. Beeswax

3. Essential oils

4. Containers


First buy your containers [or clean out some old lip balms you don’t want anymore]. You need 10 or 15 ml ones. You can search online on sites such as ebay.

An assortment of 15ml jars for lip balms found on ebay

For my lip balm that zaps cold sores I used St John’s Wort infused oil – made by a friend and absolutely lovely…

Home-made infused St John’s Wort Oil

It doesn’t matter if your home-made stuff is in old cleaned containers, it’s the quality that counts.

You need a heat source, a saucepan with water in, a heatproof bowl to place inside, and a stirrer.

A bit messy as I’ve just finished making the salve and poured it into the containers

The beeswax you can also buy online at such places as where 25g is just over £1.

So, heat your pan of water to simmering and pour 60mls of your herbal infused oil into the bowl which is sitting in the hot water. I used the St John’s Wort. When it is warm tip in 6g of bees wax. This is very light, and you don’t need much….

Et, voila! Weighing the beeswax…

Add the wax pellets to the hot oil and stir slowly till all melted. Now, you have to cool the oil and wax a bit before you tip the essential oils in, but not too much as it will begin to set. It’s a bit like fudge making, trial and error.

Add in 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Stir and pour straight away into 3 x 15ml jars. Cool with lids off. When cool, put on lids and label.

Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Balm for Cold Sores

This has a luscious smell, and is working well as we speak on my son’s cold sore. Put on at least twice a day, preferably more.

For the Hemp & Honey Lip Balm at the beginning of this post, here is the recipe…

Hemp & Honey Lip Balm

[This was sourced from  Karen Gilbert’s A Green Guide to Natural Beauty, available online at Amazon £9].

Makes 4 small jars

10g beeswax

10g cocoa butter

15g shea butter

4tsp almond oil

1tsp hemp oil

2tsp good quality honey

1. Melt beeswax, cocoa + shea butters with almond oil in double boiler

2. Add the hemp oil and honey, stir gently until the mixture becomes a liquid and the honey is dissolved

3. Remove from heat and pour the hot mixture into the jars and leave to set

4. Put on lids

[The shea and cocoa butters can also be obtained from Baldwins & Co]




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