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March, 2012

Growing Medicine 3

Junk and Weeds!

This is looking from the top of the plot, looking down to the East, on a very hazy morning. My heart sank a little when I took in the 9 tyres, plastic sheeting and weeds. Not to mention that the whole site had been compressed after Wessex Water had been in with their equipment and dug a new hole for drainage [or summat]. Anywho, just look at the mess….

The nicely dug area at the back of the centre photo is nothing to do with me, that’s the next plot with the grass path between. At some stage one person had both plots and grew Tay berries right across both plots spanning the path. I have to begin to demarcate my edges as the path has merged with the weeds almost everywhere so I am not sure where my allotment ends and the paths begin. So, first job was mark the boundary:

Marking the Boundary

This is the right edge of my plot with the path separating me from the plot of a very helpful young man from Yorkshire… This doesn’t look like much, but it took me ages.

All mine!

I got a chair out, [borrowed from a neighbour] and proudly bashed in my plot marker for all to see. Actually, the view from my allotment is lovely. Take a peek.


Hills in the distance

Not bad, eh?

The View

Growing Medicine 2

The Plot Develops

The plot that my friend and I share has been dug over and planted with a lot of soft fruit and flowers. My friend was given a green house that was erected near the base of the plot. My own little area was planted with some herbs, but during planting I heard that I had been given my very own allotment, so I dug them all up again! The photo above shows my space after I removed my Ladies Mantle, Joe Pie Weed, garlic etc etc. the children were very quick to plant some more stuff. I think that’s a cherry tree gone in there…


From the South

And above you can see the whole plot looking up from the South.

My friend’s children have been frequent visitors to the allotment and take a keen interest in what is being planted.

Below is their progress.

Planting rows of fruit bushes

You can see their little footprints all over the place, but I think here we have raspberries and gooseberries. This is quite a transformation from what the plot looked like when they first took it over. You couldn’t see the soil for the weeds. Which is kind of where I’m at at the moment. OK, so they have plot 39, and I have been given plot 14 which is waaaay over there to the left.

My plot is going to have a page all to itself, so click out then click back in…..






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