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June, 2016


It’s June, and that means picking stuff!

My allotment has become overgrown because I’ve been away so much [April -Portugal, May-Finland, June-Norway] ┬ábut that was unusual and it won’t be happening again. Unfortunately. But it just shows how much you have to be on the ball when you grow stuff, and how much you miss out if you are not tending your plot.

I managed to pick Feverfew [Tanacetum parthenium] which had grown beautifully despite my absence. I plonked some in 3 ┬átyre stacks last year and away it went…

Feverfew 1

My glorious Feverfew, ignored but flourishing!

Feverfew 2

Just as I was about to snip off the flower heads like I do with Chamomile, I just checked with the trusty Herbarium website, and no – I needed to take the leaves as well. This made life a lot easier as I snipped out the stalks to take home and garble later.

Feverfew 4

Et, voila! A nice basket full. This will be dried, and some of the dried herb will be made into a tincture.

I also picked a bit of late Chamomile [Matricaria recutita] which seemed to have gone past it’s best [should not have gone to Norway…] and some lovely St John’s Wort [Hypericum perforatum] – leaves and flowers. This will also be dried as I have several ladies on this as an ingredient of their teas, and some will go into a tincture which I use for low mood and certain nerve pains.

Hypericum 1

Hypericum 3

A box of sunshine ready to go back to my pharmacy….

But annoyingly, my Mullein has been decimated!


Mullein 1

And here’s why!

Mullein 2

I know they have to eat – but I only had one mullein plant……

Mullein 3


Teaching Herbal Therapeutics

Teaching Herbal Therapeutics


So, I’m half way through my teaching diploma at Bridgwater College; and it’s fun. I did think that if you had a degree in a subject and practical experience then you could just teach it. But no. There is so much more to teaching than getting up the front and telling students what they need to know. Without going into Bloom’s taxonomy, or discussing Humanism v Cognitivism, let’s just say there are methods to employ that enable different ‘types’ of learners to get the most out of the experience. If you want to teach adults, I can recommend doing the 2 year diploma [or 1 year certificate if you don’t have much time]. I’m attending lessons one evening a week, and the lessons are 3 hours long – but I think there is a day time option if you prefer.

For the School of Herbal Medicine I teach Herbal Therapeutics and Pharmacy in year 1; colleagues are taking Materia Medica, Anatomy & Physiology, Botany, and Pharmacognosy. We have lots of interest for next September’s intake for the seminars held in Bridgwater rather than out-of-the-way Porlock.

Although I don’t teach Anatomy & Physiology, I can’t help but want to show you our new Flexible Friend. We have named him Eric, and he is a lot of fun….

Eric 2 Eric 1 Eric 6


If you, or anyone you know, would like to train as a Medical Herbalist, then send them to our website




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