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June, 2017

Bringing in the Harvests….

Tilia in Oxfordshire

One of the Willowherbs in my garden

Hypericum & Achillea patch

Herb Robert brought in ready to dry











This time of year is definitely busy. Stuff keeps growing and needing picking… Not only do you get in the habit of carrying bags around you wherever you go, but the garden and allotment are bursting. This lovely weather is great for bringing on the herbs and picking, but I can’t keep up…

So, in the garden I collect stuff I haven’t planted but is just there; like the Willowherbs, Herb Robert and Avens. I also harvest herbs I plant deliberately – St John’s Wort, Achillea and Calendula. And I go further afield. A friend in Oxfordshire had this huge fragrant Lime Tree and I always seem to miss the flowering season, or only find Limes that are by the side of a busy road. I drove up and spent a happy few hours with my ‘lopper’ on private land, not having to worry if I am ‘allowed to pick here’, or having to explain what I am doing. I was steeped in the aromatic perfume of the flowers – the sun was shining – and there was a farm shop round the corner selling freshly baked quiches and organic salad. I love my job.

And my allotment is bursting. I not only grow herbs there, I have started growing vegetables [like you are supposed to]. Veggie-wise I have sown carrots and parsnip [organic seed from Tamar], planted out courgettes and butternut squash and Kuri [on the recommendation of Charles Dowding], plus kale, chard and sprouting broccoli and I have just started to harvest my garlic.

Herb-wise the St John’s Wort, Yarrow, Calendula, Elecampane, Marshmallow, Ladies Mantle, Verbena and Horehound are still there- and I’ve sown Roman and German Chamomile and Wood Betony. Busy days. But when the sun shines, and I remember to take a flask of tea – then sitting out watching my plants waft in the breeze as I gaze to the hills beyond – well that’s just magic…


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