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Ending the year…

It’s cold –  it’s very cold and I don’t want to go to the allotment. The wind is icy and it cuts right through me, and the hail stings sharply every time I walk from my office to the house. No, I’m not going to my allotment today – I have harvested everything and all I need to do there now is tidy up, and I can do that when the weather is better. The strawberry compost is well laid as a mulch covering the whole plot like a soft heavy duvet.

My work this weekend is office based. Last weekend I was teaching Pharmacy and Herbal Therapeutics and I take a lot of stuff with me when I teach. A lot of stuff. I have been so busy that I haven’t put it all away yet, apart from the books. My text books always get treated better than the rest of the stuff. Which is? Saucepans and inserts for making infused oils and decoctions, two electric hobs for the same purpose, dried herbs and roots for the same purpose, handouts, lesson plans, food for breaks, dinner for Saturday…

If anybody had told me I would be teaching herbal medicine ten years ago I would have locked myself in my bedroom and asked for a restorative cup of builder’s tea. But it’s not so bad when you are actually doing it, once the lesson starts and I get into the swing the lesson seems to take care of itself.

However, if I am not careful it can take me away to long from my own patients and the growing, harvesting or wildcrafting of herbs, and the time-consuming art of making medicine with the herbs I grow or collect.

If you have any interest in studying herbal medicine then take a look at our school. We have a Facebook page, and a website:

If you are suffering from a medical condition that orthodox treatment has not helped, you may want to try herbal medicine. Just drop me an email to make an appointment:



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