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Joint Pain

There are many reasons for joint pain, but whatever the cause it was stopping my husband sleeping. His fingers hurt; it was the joints in the middle of his fingers specifically. I would watch him bending and unbending them as he stood by the bed, wondering if the pain would ease so he could sleep.

I had made him tinctures for several things but as I drifted off to sleep I thought;¬†why haven’t I made him a joint¬†liniment? I mean, I knew how – I taught students how to do it. Yet it had never occurred to me to make one for my nearest and dearest. So…

Next day I assembled my assorted medicines and jugs and bottles in my pharmacy and set to work. I had a good base of infused oil of rosemary and nettle seed, so I started with that. I added a range of essential oils which included camphor, black pepper, wintergreen, cajaput and menthol. I made a full litre to save time, and dispensed it into one of those little pump action bottles.

My friends, it is magical. He rubs it on at night and it eases the pain. What’s more if he doesn’t use it for several days if he goes away he feels his fingers start to seize back up, so he is straight back on it when he comes home. He also applies it his hips – and again it helps him feel less stiff.

Sleep is a wonderful healing process, and we need to do our utmost for our patients to help them achieve the best quality of sleep they can. Bit by bit, even little things can make a big difference.

I always have some of my trusty Rosemary and Nettle Seed infused oil on hand….

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  1. Gillian says:

    Thank you for this wonderful story :-). May I ask you if you would mind sharing the ratio of rosemary to nettle seed you used for the base oil please, it sounds like a great mix.

    Many thanks and kind regards,

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