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My New Toy

I’ve not been able to access the admin on my website for a few months, that is why there have been no posts. But now I have found my way back in [thank you, Colin] I would like to tell you about my new toy.

My husband might like rope, and chainsaws and electric drills, but what floats my boat atm is my new capsule maker. I have come a long way. I started with a tiny, 24 hole, completely manual device I sourced from Baldwin’s [] which is a fabulous site for people who want to play and dabble in herbal medicine. With this device you tipped the powder into a bowl, picked up the large half of the empty capsule, scooped up as much powder into it as physically possible, then pushed the short end on. This was incredibly labour intensive and very, very slow.

I upgraded to a Nukraft machine which was fairly automatic and did 100 at a time. I was laughing, seriously! The only drawback was that I had to sit and physically pull the capsules apart before tipping them into the machine. But still, a vast improvement.

But then I heard about the Profiller 1100. I watched the video on YouTube and was mesmerised…

Somehow, people, you tip the whole empty capsules into the machine, pull a lever, and whichever way they landed in the tray, all the small ends are gathered in one tray and the large ends are gathered in another tray. It’s magic. Watch it here;  about 1.40 minutes in.

I mixed up my powders; for headaches I used Rosemary, Ginkgo and Wood Betony, to aid sleep I used Skullcap and Passionflower, and for nerve pain I made some Mucuna puriens capsules.


The only drawback to this wonderful machine is that it costs over £1,000 new. I managed to find mine second hand at £300, which is still a lot of money but when you make a lot of capsules it really does save you a lot of time…

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