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While I’m waiting for a patient…


I am expecting a patient in just over 40 minutes. Long enough to write a blog post.

My roof is leaking, the bit that is over my dispensary – so not ideal. I have managed to clear up enough so the patient won’t notice the black plastic sheeting above the cupboards positioned to prevent water from running down the back and ruining the contents. It is positioned so that if it rains the water will run away from the wall and cascade over the top of the doors into a waiting bowl underneath on the worktop. I usually put the bowl there if it is raining, and it has just started now…

I don’t really want the patient to come in and encounter a drip, drip, drip near to where her medicines will be made up. Fingers crossed.

Apart from that, I have booked in another new patient and will also be making up some repeat prescriptions today, ordering some more exotic tinctures from plants that I can’t grow or wildcraft myself, and making more capsules. There are certain patients that really prefer capsules, and now I have my New Toy [see blog post under that title], I am whizzing through them.

It is too wet to sort out my herb patch [I don’t have my allotment anymore – plot politics] but our garden here is big, and I have my own separate garden by my office, so I have plenty of space. My greenhouse has been transported from the allotment to my herb garden so all is good.

I have got my organic veggie seeds ready for the new year from Tamar Organics [brilliant] and am now writing a list of herb seeds I will order from Poynztfield. Happy days.



Patient gone, all good.

Now TIPPING down and I have a steady drip, drip, drip on worktop which is running onto the floor. Bowl now in place. Roofers come this week…

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